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Thanks to Baba O'Riley's Who bootlegs page


1969 Ottawa, Ontario, 15th October 1969 and Stonybrook University NY 18th October 1969. Some tracks fade out on the original boot. Pretty damn fine, Watson.1 Disc
A Stereo Quick One While Pete's AwayGreat to hear that sound again1 Disc
A Stereo Quick One While Pete's Away RemasteredAs above but cleaned up a little1 Disc
Accept No Substitute Fillmore East 22nd October 1969 (see Playing Out East For Bill below)1 Disc
Alternate Rareties Collection of neat demos and unreleased tracks: vinyl sourced. Crackly.1 Disc
Alternate Rareties Remastered As above but vastly improved sound (crackles all but gone) and speed corrected 'That Motherland Feeling' and 'Rael'1 Disc
A Merry Time In MarylandMerriweather Post Pavillion, Maryland, 25th March 1969: audience1 Disc
Amsterdam 1969 Amsterdam 29th September 1969. First European performance of Tommy. Transferred from 1st generation reels: professional source. These were the tapes used for the recent Hiwatt 'Amazing Journey'. Complete show in correct order.2 Discs
Amsterdam 1969 As above but 25th Anniversary Remaster version. 2 Discs
Amsterdam 69 Single: some different tracks to the double. Title is My Generation1 Disc
Amsterdam Concertgebouw Same concert as above but almost complete2 Discs
Amsterdam Tommy And yet more: this is just the Tommy part of the above show1 Disc
2000Atlanta 200028th September 2000: fine audience2 Discs
Backtrack 14: The OxCollection of Who Entwistle songs: shows what a good writer he was.1 Disc
2002Bad Eggs and Bacon: Portsmouth 2002Warm up show 27th January 2002. Outstanding audience (mistaken for soundboard)2 Discs
Being on a Journey with the Magic Bus The Summit, Houston, 20th November 1975  
Belle Vue Manchester6th October 1975: audience (hissy)2 Discs
Belle Vue Mayhem7th October 1975: audience2 Discs
Berlin August 30th, 1972 Audience recording: not bad at all2 Discs
2000Birmingham NEC 2000Birmingham, England, 8th November 2000: fine audience2 Discs
Blues To The BushVarious 1999: this is a version with the gaps between the tracks pretty much taken out. Good job.2 Discs
Boris The Spider Live 1975: Pretty Good Audience2 Discs
2000Boston 20003rd July 2000: audience3 Discs
2002Boston Tweeter Center26th July 2002: audience. Had some flaws but I cleaned them up.2 Disc
Boston Tea Party11th November 1969: audience1 Disc
The Bridge Benefit 30 October 1999Audience DAT1 Disc
The Bridge Benefit 31 October 1999Audience DAT1 Disc
Bridge To The BluesChicago House of Blues 12th November 1999: Excellent DAT2 Discs
Bridge To The Blues 2Chicago House of Blues 13th November 1999: Excellent DAT. Not quite as awesome as the above gig but still top notch2 Discs
2000Camden 2000: New Jersey E Center7th July 2000: audience3 Discs
2002Camden 2002: New Jersey E Center27th July 2002: ALD with gaps and jumps cleaned up1 Disc
Catchin' the Vegas SkylineFive audience DAT tracks from Vegas 1999. (Pete is on fire!) Includes bonus five tracks from Shepherd's Bush 23rd. December 1999: Audience DAT1 Disc
Catchin' the Vegas Skyline UPGRADEComplete. From the feed, not the cybercast: near excellent quality1 Disc
Charlton UncutCharlton 18th May 1974: says soundboard but I'd say audience. The most complete version I've found so far.2 Discs
Charlton Uncut RemasteredAs above but with tape hiss removed.2 Discs
Chicago 1971Audience 18th August 1971: complete show2 Discs
2000Chicago 2000Audience: 25th June 20002 Discs
Classic Albums: Who's NextAudio of DVD: one wave track1 Disc
Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances [aka The Who Remembers The High Numbers} Quality varies: studio stuff is soundboard, live Marquee is what you'd expect from a 1964 recording1 Disc
2000Cleveland 200030th September 2000: FM broadcast with tracks missing from the radio show added from a fine audience recording. Most station idents removed as well. Really good piece.2 Discs
2000Cleveland 2000 FM30th September 2000: FM broadcast2 Discs
Closer To Queen Mary Live 10th December 19712 Discs
(The Who Live!) Collector's ItemHara Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USA, 13th August 1971. Taken from the original vinyl boot by the bootleggers (bit crackly) but surprisingly good audience for the time: early Who's Next tour. I like this one. (See below). 1 Disc
(The Who Live!) Collector's Item Remastered for CDSee above: declicked this with Sound Forge and it's not bad at all.1 Disc
The Collectors Who's NextExcellent: stereo from master tapes plus various Lifehouse singles.1 Disc
The Collectors Who Sell Out'Original German Stereo Mixes'. With extras.1 Disc
Come and DrumVarious live 68/691 Disc
Cops and Robbers2nd November 1969: soundboard1 Disc
Cry Blue MurderAudience: two 1968 shows1 Disc
Dallas Memorial Auditorium19th June 1970: audience2 Discs
2000Dallas 200027th August 2000: audience2 Discs
Dangerous CompleteToronto 17th December 1982: this is the complete concert, including The Quiet One and Drowned2 Discs
Danish TreatVery good audience, Copenhagen August 21st 1972: vocals sometimes a little distant1 Disc
Denver Mammoth Gardens9th June 1970: audience1 Disc
2000Denver 2000Excellent Audience, 24th August 20003 Discs
2000Detroit 2000Audience, 27th June 2000 (see 'Motown Madness!' below)2 Discs
Edmonton, London 1973 Endomonton Sundown 12th November, 1973 2 Discs
Essen Live28th March 1981: Excellent2 Discs
Eternal ModsGreat collection of tracks from Hull and Bristol1 Disc
Flying To New York To Go To CourtFillmore West 19692 Discs
Forest Hills 1971Forest Hills, New York, 29th July 19712 Discs
Fort Worth 1976Lifted from video2 Discs
From Lifehouse To LeedsWho's Next rehearsals1 Disc
Ghost SongsAll sorts of bits and pieces, group and solo: has 'Cry If You Want' demo2 Discs
Gibson Was Destroyed In Oval Audience, September 18th 1971: title speaks for itself1 Disc
Guildhall Portsmouth 1974The gig that was put on for the extras in Tommy. Audience but some pretty neat elements.2 Discs
Gutter Punks At A Warehouse Soundboard: 29th November 19711 Disc
2000Hello Mountain PeoplePepsi Center, Denver, 24th August 2000: I have two different sources of this.2 Discs
2002Hershey's WhoHershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA, 29th July 20022 Discs
Higher Education Excellent live: McDonough Gymnasium Georgetown University Washington DC, USA November 2nd 1969 + demos and outtakes1 Disc
High Numbered Additional BBC plus rareties1 Disc
2002Hollywood Bowl1st July 2002. End of an era.2 Discs
2000Holmdel 2000: New Jersey PNC Arts CenterJuly 1st 2000: fine audience2 Discs
Horton Hears The Who Soundboard outtakes and rareties: similar to Life With The Moons but with some different tracks (want to hear The Who play Hey Joe?)1 Disc
2000Hot Fun Of Summertime Blues Soundboard: from mp3 download off Pete's site. Pepsi Center, Denver, 24th August 20002 Discs
Houston 1975 20th November 1975. From the video: minor flaws. Excellent 'However Much I Booze'. See Being on a Journey with the Magic Bus above 2 Discs
Houston 1975 As above but J-Beat Remaster 2 Discs
2000Houston 29th August 2000: Protecting The GuiltyWoodlands Pavilion, Houston, Texas: fine audience2 Discs
Hyde Park QuadropheniaJune 1996 with special guests. Six tracks from (I think) Swedish TV broadcast: excellent sound.1 Disc
iBash '99Cybercast: not great but listenable. Full version of Vegas above2 Discs
Instant Party (corrected version)Splendid collection of Who singles and B-sides. All songs complete: no cut offs. Includes long version of Magic Bus.2 Discs
Isle of Wight 19698th August 1969: pretty good audience1 Disc
Johnny B. GoodeOakland 10th October 1976: Very good audience2 Discs
John's Birthday PartyOakland 9th October 1976: Very good audience2 Discs
2000Jones Beach Wantagh New York9th July 2000: fine audience2 Discs
KansasDecember 12th 1975: pretty good sound, some crackles on first three tracks2 Discs
Kenny's BirthdayLive At MSG 16th September 1979: Pretty Good Audience2 Discs
Kilburn 1977Show set up for Jeff Stein1 Disc
LA 1980 Audience 21st June 1980, Inglewood, Ca. Some cool tracks. 2 Discs
Lakewood Amphitheater Atlanta9th August 1989: Soundboard (includes Dig, I'm A Man plus Hey Joe, Born On The Bayou)3 Discs
Last Stand With Keith MoonKeith's last (official) appearance: Audience1 Disc
Leicester 1981 Granby Hall, 25th January 1981: Audience. Interesting set. 2 Discs
Life With The MoonsBox set outtakes1 Disc
Lifehouse Live Live At The Young Vic, April, 19711 Disc
Live At Leeds CompleteFrom the original master so has the original recording's occasional crackles2 Discs
Remastered Live At Leeds CompleteAs above but with the crackles and droputs pretty much taken out2 Discs
Live Tommy At The LeedsFantastic recording of Tommy on one disc1 Disc
Remastered Live Tommy At The LeedsAs above but with crackles pretty much taken out1 Disc
Liverpool UniversityThe Who's Next tour 14th May 1971: poor audience but an interesting selection of tracks.1 Disc
The Who: Live USA Largo, Maryland [says Florida on the cover] December 6th, 19731 Disc
2000London ArenaDocklands Arena, 13th November 2000: very good audience2 Discs
Love Rain O'er MeCharlton May 18th 1974 (Part Two: See 'Soccer Rock' below)1 Disc
2000Madison Square Gardens3rd October 2000: this had a lot of digital flaws (sounded like a dodgy lead). I've pretty much cleaned it up (took a looong time). One or two occasional minor flaws (WGFA mainly) but now a whole heap better. Excellent audience2 Discs
2000Madison Square Gardens4th October 2000: audience2 Discs
2000Madison Square Gardens6th October 2000: audience2 Discs
2000Madison Square Gardens7th October 2000: fine audience2 Discs
2002Madison Square Gardens 200231st July 2002. Cdr from the master DAT.2 Discs
2002Madison Square Gardens 200231st July 2002. Taping Advocate.2 Discs
2002Madison Square Gardens 20023rd August 2002. Taping Advocate.2 Discs
2000MansfieldTweeter Center, Mansfield, Ma, 3rd July 20002 Discs
2000MEN 2000Manchester, England, 2nd November 2000: fine audience. Complete.2 Discs
Maximum BBC USAUSA only additional BBC Sessions disc1 Disc
ModrophenicQuadrophenia Earl's Court: very good audiencee2 Discs
Moonlit MadnessThree gigs featuring Keith: special show for the Tommy extras, the ten minute show where he passed out, MSG 74 with only known live 'Waspman'. Audience.1 Disc
2000Motown Madness!Detroit 27th June 2000: believe it to be from pro shot video. Excellent.2 Discs
2000Mountain View Amphitheater 2000California, 21st August 2000: fine audience3 Discs
My GenerationFirst album plus early rareties1 Disc
My GenerationDifferent version from above: includes different rareties plus French EP AAA and US Substitute1 Disc
New Bingley HallOctober 3rd 1975: pretty good audience. Opening gig of the '75 tour.1 Disc
New Bingley Hall As above: two discs 2 Discs
Newcastle 1971 30th October 1971: audience2 Discs
2000Newcastle 2000Newcastle Arena 6th November 2000: fine audience2 Discs
New Haven Coliseum 15th December 1979: Audience 2 Discs
Next SessionsMore Record Plant outtakes from 1971: interesting rather than revelatory2 Discs
  Night Before The Resurrection Glen Falls Rehearsals, NY, 16th June 1989: soundboard 1 Disc
2001NYCConcert for NYC1 Disc
Oakland Coliseum25th October 1982: audience2 Discs
Oil Wells and Fine WineDallas 67/Paris 70: audience (not great: Paris much better). Includes 'So Sad About Us' and 'Love Hurts'.1 Disc
On The Board - Quadrophenia LiveMadison Square Garden, New York, USA, 18th July 1996. Includes a few interesting fillers.2 Discs
Orchestral Tommy Rainbow Theatre 9th December, 1972. All star cast. The other show from the offically released one. Supposedly soundboard but some hiss and not as good sound quality as you might expect. 1 Disc
Oslo Quadrophenia16th April 1997: Excellent2 Discs
Outrageous Live 1976Audience: includes 'Slip Kid'.2 Discs
Paris 19762nd March 1976: very good audience. Some songs slightly clipped, Slip Kid only a minute or so but a strong gig (I went to it).1 Disc
Paris Live12th May 1979: French FM Broadcast2 Discs
Pete Townshend's Lifehouse I think most if not all of this is available in other places but it brings together the Lifehouse tracks nicely 1 Disc
Philadelphia Core States Center 199617th November 1996: Quadrophenia show. Audience.2 Discs
Philadelphia Spectrum10th December 1979. Audience.2 Discs
2000Pittsburgh 200029th June 2000. Audience: pretty good. Includes 'The Seeker'.2 Discs
Playing Out East For BillSame gig as Accept No Substitute above but speed corrected: awesome Tommy medley1 Disc
Pontiac SilverdomeMichigan, 6th December 1975. I think this is from video: pretty good though. From the best touring years, if you ask me1 Disc
Pop Goes Art (Sloppy edits tidied up)Stereo Quick One, Mono Sell Out plus demos (Rael 1-9 included)2 Discs
The Pop PromsAudience recording of the Royal Albert Hall gig 5th July 1969. Includes filler from Fillmore East 6th June 19691 Disc
2002PortsmouthWarm up show 27th January 20022 Discs
2002PortsmouthWarm up show 28th January 20022 Discs
2000 Powerful Show At The Gorge August 19th 2000 2 Discs
Pure Rock TheatreVarious: collection of live performances1 Disc
Quadrophenia Live at MSG 1996Excellent. This is soundboard.2 Discs
Rehearsals and SoundchecksTommy rehearsals for the 1969 tour plus Young Vic, Rock 'n' Roll Circus soundchecks1 Disc
2000Royal Albert HallLondon, 27th November 2000: charity gig with special guests. Excellent sound: off the Pay Per View?. Plus interviews.2 Discs
2000Royal Albert Hall DVDAs above but off the DVD (no interviews): immaculate.3 Discs
2002Royal Albert HallCharity show 7th February 20022 Discs
2002Royal Albert HallCharity show 8th February 20022 Discs
2002Royal Albert Hall: The Ox's Last Stand8th February 2002: from the weed2 Discs
2000Sacramento 2000Marysville, CA, 22nd August 20002 Discs
2002Sacramento 20024th July 2002. Unflawed audience from the weed.2 Discs
San Francisco 197112th December 1971. Incomplete, some speed problems. Not convinced this is the show people say it is.2 Discs
San Francisco 1971Actually 13th December 1971.1 Disc
Shakin' All Over Fillmore East, April 5th 19681 Disc
Sheffield City Hall 198126th January 19812 Discs
Shepherd's Bush Empire December 22 1999 Audience DAT2 Discs
2002Shoreline3rd July 20022 Discs
Soccer RockCharlton May 18th 1974 (Part One: See 'Love Rain O'er Me' above)1 Disc
Sweden 1966 Grona Lund, 2nd June 1966 and Club Nalen, 25th October 1966: audience1 Disc
Summertime ModsLive in Belgium 1972: Audience2 Discs
Taking the Capitol6th December 1973: Excellent1 Disc
Taking the Magic Bus to NissanAudience DAT: pretty damn good2 Discs
Tales From The WhoSpectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 4th December 1973: FM Broadcast but some flaws.1 Disc
Tales From The Who RemasteredAs above: includes interviews1 Disc
Tales From The Who RemasteredAs above: no interviews1 Disc
2000Tampa Ice Palace Arena 200026th September 2000: audience2 Discs
Tangled Up In WhoAwesome performance2 Discs
Tommy at Radio City Music Hall27th June, 1989. Soundboard: "Have a little respect, it's a fuckin' opera".2 Discs
2002Tonight We Play For John EntwistleHollywood Bowl, 1st July 2002. From the weed.2 Discs
Toronto December 11th 1975 Excellent audience: this is an amazing performance, Pete absolutely on top form: complete version2 Discs
23 Years ElapsedSoundboard or broadcast: 16th October 1996, Vancouver (though Pete mentions California and they played this set within a week of playing in Canada)2 Discs
Two's Missing/IBC DemosIBC quality varies but mostly soundboard. Little bit muddy; some demos are what you'd expect sixties home recordings to sound like2 Discs
2000Washington Nissan Pavilion5th July 2000: fine audience2 Discs
2002WatfordWarm up show 31st January 20022 Discs
2002Watford: In The ColliseumJ & J version of the above: 31st January 20022 Discs
We Could Do With Some Magic Charlton Athletic Football Ground, 31st May 1976. Ear Defender version. 2 Discs
Wembley Arena 197521st October 1975. Audience: includes rare 'However Much I Booze'2 Discs
Wembley Arena 197523rd October 1975. Audience.2 Discs
2000Wembley Arena 200016th November 2000: minidisc source3 Discs
2000West Palm Beach24th September 2000: Sounds like it's from a pro shot video. Either that or excellent audience2 Discs
Westwood OneBroadcast from the 1989 tour: on ice with knobs on1 Disc
Where Are The Kids Live 19891 Disc
Who '66 'A Quick One' alternate takes. With extras. Can I just say that the guitar break in the middle of 'Run, Run, Run' is still one of the greatest things I have ever heard. I thank you.1 Disc
Who Goes There?Various 'Live USA': 74/78/82. Apparently identical to 'Moon Life' but better quality.1 Disc
Who Put The Boot InSwansea 12th June 19761 Disc
Who Put A Better Boot In Swansea 12th June 19761 Disc
The Who Sell Out Mono MixVinyl sourced version of the alternate mix: crackly in places (see below). Different guitar mixes.1 Disc
The Who Sell Out Mono Mix RemasteredAs above but crackles pretty much cleared away.1 Disc
The Who Sell Out (Mono Edition)With extra demos and quite marvellous 'Pictures of Lily Outtake'.1 Disc
Who's Next Sessions Alternate takes from Olympic as well as The Record Plant sessions. Includes cuts from 'The Making of Who's Next' TV documentary. 1 Disc
Who's ZooMarvellous collection of (then) hard to find material. Great William Stout cover. From vinyl so not perfect but pretty damn good.2 Discs
Who's Zoo Two!A collection of rareties and oddities (e.g. Townshend advertising the USAF!)1 Disc
Once Upon a Time in WoodstockWoodstock 1969: this is a soundboard recording but with a lot of tape hiss. Unlike some boots of this gig on this performance the songs are all DAO: no song separation. Includes some bonus tracks from Young Vic.2 Discs
Remastered WoodstockWoodstock 1969: as above but remastered (on to one disc) with a lot of tape hiss taken out and without the Young Vic bonus tracks.1 Disc
You'll Be SorryFrankfort Festhalle, Frankfort, Germany, 1st April 1980. Pretty good audience.2 Discs
Young Vic BluesLifehouse Young Vic concert, April, 19711 Disc
Young Who BluesJaguar Club, St. Charles, MI, 10th August 1968: audience1 Disc
Zurich 28th March 1980Pretty good audience2 Discs
A Day In The Garden Pete at Woodstock 15th August 19982 Discs
Air Studio Demos No Road Romance and Another Tricky Day from October 1980. Soundboard. 1 Disc
B-sides and odditiesCollection of usual Townshend rareties, if that makes sense1 Disc
Berkeley 1993 Berkeley Community Theater,
Berkeley, California, 3rd August 1993
Excellent audience recording of Pete and the Psychoderelict show (and lots of other [some rare] favourites)
3 Discs
Brixton 85Includes two Letterman tracks and four from Cannes Midem2 Discs
Cannes Midem Live 1986FM broadcast: excellent1 Disc
Cannes Midem Complete 1986FM broadcast: excellent. Dj idents pretty much taken out: includes Blue Light.2 Discs
Dance It AwayDemos and Rareties: inc. Riot In The Female Jail1 Disc
Fillmore Live 1996FM broadcast1 Disc
Genius Of Pete TownshendLifehouse demos1 Disc
Genuine ScoopLots of demos, upgrades, etc. Repaired My Generation demo included5 Discs
HarborlightsPretty good audience2 Discs
House of Blues14th June 1997: Excellent and complete.2 Discs
House of Blues29th July 1999: Very good (Audience DAT?). With Eddie Vedder. Some mike bursts on one or two tracks.1 Disc
It's Face Demos This is good demo quality: some tape hiss from the original recording1 Disc
Jones Beach 93Wantaugh, 12th August 1993: Psychoderelict show and lots of other 2 Discs
La Jolla Second NightBenefit concert 23rd June 20012 Discs
Lifehouse and Quadrophenia DemosExcellent collection: some vinyl sourced2 Discs
Lifehouse at Sadlers Wells Westwood FM BroadcastThis is a top quality piece2 Discs
Lifehouse at Sadler's Wells 25th February 2000Audience DAT, awesome3 Discs
Lifehouse at Sadler's Wells 26th February 2000Audience DAT, awesome3 Discs
The Lifehouse Broadcasts 2000FM Lifehouse plus VH1 Storytellers remastered with dj commentary removed: nice job2 Discs
Listening TimeRadio promotional disc: Pete introducing 'Chinese Eyes'. Vinyl sourced but pretty clean.1 Disc
Live in Los Angeles 1994 Though it's actually Brooklyn Academy of Music 7th August 19931 Disc
Mayfair Theatre2nd July 1993: audience but very good. Psychoderelict performance.2 Discs
Music Must Change Who Are You demos1 Disc
Music Must ChangeAs above: Who Are You demos with some noise reduction. No bonus tracks.1 Disc
New York Live 93 7th August 1993. Inc. some Psychoderelict2 Discs
Odds and Sods II Weird and wonderful: some tracks from the Lone Ranger film1 Disc
The Other ScoopCollection of demos2 Discs
Playing Tunes For Towser Various leftovers: sound varies from excellent to good demo quality1 Disc
Punk Meets The GodfatherSome Quadrophenia demos and some Lifehouse1 Disc
Quadrophenia Demos (some differences from the above CD)Soundboard but not first generation1 Disc
RaretiesVarious oddities and soddities1 Disc
Rough Boy: Beacon Theater, NY, 1993Audience DAT1 Disc
Roundhouse 1974Wild Action (see below) cleaned up a bit and with the addition of two missing tracks (both from an analogue source).1 Disc
Shepperton RehearsalsRock Against Racism Rehearsals 19792 Discs
So Hard To Pin DownObscure live and original Townshend recordings. Studio soundboard/audience: Excellent/very good: includes Penny Drop.1 Disc
Stone Cold DrunkArie Crown Theater, Chicago, 17th July 1993: Psychoderelict show and more3 Discs
StorytellersVH1 FM recording1 Disc
Supper Club New YorkInc. Slit Skirts. With Eddie Vedder.1 Disc
The Tommy DemosTownshend's home demos of the album1 Disc
Truro 1998Cornwall, 10th November 1998. Loud, clipped audience but a period piece. Benefit show.2 Discs
TwentyEel Pie demos slated for release but pulled1 Disc
Unfinished NumbersWho By Numbers demos inc. 'However Much I Booze' instrumental1 Disc
UnscoopedPut together Cdr of various demos: resampled from mp3. Inc. 'Is It In My Head'.1 Disc
Wild Action solo 1974 Audience1 Disc
Backtrack 14: The OxCollection of Who Entwistle songs: shows what a good writer he was.1 Disc
Crystal Studio DemosSeven tracks: full band. Rough mixes. 16th July 1979.1 Disc
Rat Race ChoirThe Bottom Line 8th November 1987 (I have the Leslie West/Rat Race portion as well if wanted: makes it two discs)1 Disc
Summertime BluesOrpheum Theater, Boston, Ma, 18th December 1985 1 Disc


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